Every year a select number of outstanding migrant students from across the country have the opportunity to participate in leadership and academic enrichment activities through Close-Up. Close Up’s High School Programs are designed to give students and educators an inside look at their democracy in action. Using the nation’s capital as a living classroom, participants get a “close up” view of government - interacting with the people, processes, and places that make this federal city so unique.

Raymond Rayos, Migrant Recruiter for Lockhart ISD and the Migrant Program for Region 13, said, “ I feel very excited that two of our students have been selected to go to Washington D. C. This experience will be memorable and life-changing for these students.” Mr. Rayos, which has been in the helm of the Migrant Program for Lockhart ISD during the past 9 years, is looking forward to hearing about all the great experiences Jesus and Cesar will return with.

With the help of program instructors, students consider how the people and events represented in Washington memorials impact the lives today. As a non-profit non-partisan organization, Close-Up helps students learn about their history and government while considering a variety of viewpoints. This keeps students interested, informed and engaged. They are not just passively listening to a tour guide, they are making a personal connection with the famous places of the nation’s capital.

“Hopefully this trip will help open opportunities for me that I wouldn’t have otherwise,” Jesus David Sosa said. “I plan to continue higher level education at Texas State. I know that this experience will greatly impact my life and inspire me to achieve goals that I aspire to achieve.”

Cesar Briceño said, “My favorite subject is history, therefor I’m very excited to visit many of the historical sites Washington D.C. has to offer. I’m also looking forward to visiting Capitol Hill and meeting some of the State Senators.”

Close-Up students also get face to face with Washington insiders that play a key role in the American political system. The seminar panels often include lobbyists, journalists and members of the Armed Forces. These instrumental political players take time to answer questions from students and explain more about how they impact government and policy. The program culminates with a banquet and dance giving students the chance to unwind, say goodbye to their new friends and reflect on what they have learned during their trip.

I am very excited that Cesar and Jesus will get to have this experience,” Deanna Juarez, Principal of Lockhart High School said. “I know that they will make the best of this trip and learn a great deal.”

Both juniors expressed their appreciation for the opportunities the migrant program has offered. Jesus said, “It offers a lot of college focused opportunities that I didn’t even realize I could have. I’ve had the chance to visit various college campuses, this summer I’ll be visiting Washington D.C., I’m now aware of many scholarships that I may apply.” Cesar said, “Mr. Rayos and this program have really opened my eyes to the possibility of a better future.”

Lockhart ISD’s Migrant Program currently includes ten students from various grade levels. The purpose of the migrant program is to provide migratory children, whose families migrate to find work in industries such as agricultural and fishing, with the opportunity to meet the same challenging State content and performance standards that the State has established for all children.

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