Lockhart High School Student National Winner for TAFE

 LOCKHART HIGH SCHOOL NATIONAL WINNER for TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educators)

Lockhart High School Senior, Adriana Alonzo, traveled to Boston University in Boston Massachusetts, this past week to compete at a National level through Educators Rising.  In order to be a National Competitor, you must have been ranked in the top 5% of your state in your competitive event category.  Not only did Adriana Alonzo rank in the top five percent against 800 other competitors in the state of Texas, but she placed 1st in the state at competition in February, which allowed her to compete at a National level in Boston.

Over the past two years Adriana Alonzo has dedicated her time to help raise awareness for Childhood Cancer and honor past Lockhart High School students who have lost their battle and/are still fighting with cancer, Dusty Koehler, Aaron Alonzo-Garcia, and Edmar Paredes, by hosting events to unite the school, community, and the families and patients impacted by childhood cancer. 

At the competition in Boston, Adriana presented a 10 minute oral presentation with a PowerPoint visual to a panel of judges that addressed her service learning project, Wrapping Hope Around the Future; Raising Awareness for Childhood Cancer.  Within this 10 minute presentation Adriana discussed the role she played as a leader, how this service learning project impacted special needs students at Lockhart High School, and what impact the project had on the students, school, families of the deceased, and the community at large. 

Educators Rising Leadership Competition focuses on helping students with special needs, identifying what special needs are, the impacts of special needs in the classroom and on instruction through a service learning project.  Adriana’s service learning project was divided into six different events throughout the school year which were GOLD OUT day, blanket drive, blanket distribution to the Dell Children’s Hospital Blood and Cancer Clinic, Kickin’ Cancer Kickball Tournament, GOLD OUT day Assembly, and St. Baldrick’s Day-Grow It, Shave It, Beat It. Adriana advanced to the finals alongside with the top four percent of the Nation in her category.

On Monday, June 27th, at the Educators Rising Grand Award Ceremony, Adriana Alonzo was called to the stage as the 1st Place National Winner in the Educators Rising Leadership Competition.  Adriana Alonzo also received a $1,000 scholarship and an invitation to speak at this summer’s Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association of Texas Staff Development and Conference about her competition and service learning project. 

Adriana Alonzo is the first member of the Lockhart High School Texas Association of Future Educators chapter to receive a National rank.  Under the direction and guidance of Amber Crabill, Adriana has truly shown what hard work, dedication, leadership, and commitment to education is all about.  The future generation of students will be blessed and honored to have an individual with her passion as their TEACHER.  Adriana’s advisor, school administration and staff, central office, and the Lockhart School Board would like to wish Adriana luck in her future endeavors, and remember, Once a LION, always a LION!  Congratulations on your 1st Place National title Adriana Alonzo.

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