September Honesty Through a variety of activities, students will demonstrate trustworthiness, fairness and straightforwardness of conduct in their own character development and interpersonal relationships
October Responsibility Students will exhibit moral, legal, and mental accountability for their choices, regardless of pressures to do otherwise
November Compassion Students will demonstrate empathy and respect for others in school, life, and career settings, accepting the right of all people to be treated with courtesy and respect
December Perseverance Students will acknowledge the importance of persistence while encountering negative influences, forms of opposition, or discouragement
January Loyalty Students will recognize the need to establish personal and career relationships and select causes based on positive ethical principles for which they can remain true
February Justice Students will exhibit fair and equitable behavior which is consistent with the laws and principles that govern a democratic society
March Self-Reliance Students will believe in their own self-worth and learn to rely on their strengths. Students will also demonstrate knowledge of their skills, abilities, and impression on others
April Self_Discipline Through activities, students will demonstrate positive patterns of behavior and the strength of mental and moral courage to accomplish tasks, manage time, and relate effectively with others
May Integrity Students will understand the importance of adherence to a code of conduct necessary for successful performance in the workplace and in their personal lives
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