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About Us

Carver Early Education Center is a campus with Speech, Special Education Services and the Pre-School departments.  Our campus is a full day Pre-School campus.  
We are a Curriculum based school that is required by the district to follow the "I Strive for 1.5" rule.  Our students participate in P.E./Music, Library, Counseling, and Computer Lab classes along with classroom instruction.  We strive to make our children and staff safe using the Raptor System and checking ID's and student records to make sure we remain safe on the campus. 
Due to COVID-19 everyone that enters the building is required to wear a facial mask, and try to practice the CDC guidelines by monitoring health daily,  practice washing hands often, avoiding close contact and,  keeping areas clean and disinfected.
We are proud to be the foundation to the student's education and work hard to get them prepared to enter Kindergarten.